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Hand and Wrist Conditions

Marcela offers a unique service in this field, as there are few physiotherapists involved in the treatment of hands and wrists. Clients are seen in the rooms and undergo a thorough assessment in order to determine the diagnosis of the condition and the optimal treatment. Marcela makes her own thermoplastic splints. Other treatment modalities include joint mobilisation, myofascial release, ultrasound, stretching, strapping, rehabilitative exercises and advice. The client may be advised to go for an X-ray or to see a specialist hand surgeon if necessary. Marcela has a good professional network and is committed to staying in contact with the wider medical team.


General Musculo-Skeletal Conditions

Many clients are seen in the practice with general musculo-skeletal conditions. Clients are seen for 45 minutes. An assessment is carried out to determine the diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. Treatment modalities include joint mobilisation, soft tissue release, ultrasound, stretching, strapping and exercise. Clients may be referred for Xrays or to other medical professionals as required.


Care of the Elderly

Marcela has always had an interest in working with the elderly and recently this area of her practice has grown. The needs of the elderly are unique and are best met through careful consideration by all members of the medical team. This most often involves visiting clients in their homes to assist with respiration, mobility and balance.